Board Meeting Information Update

The Monarch Hills Board Meetings have been taking place via Zoom since the Stay At Home order occurred in March 2020. The call in information has been and will continue to be placed on the 6 bulletin boards throughout the community. For your convenience, the Zoom Video Conference Call meeting information is:

Dial by Phone: 1-669-900-6833
Meeting ID: 941 417 0599
Password: 113355

Board Meeting dates are the 4th Tuesday bi-monthly: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov

The Annual Meeting & Election is scheduled for August 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM, if quorum is reached. If quorum is not reached, the Adjourned Election will take place on and September 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM as stated on your ballot.

The location on your ballot also states it will be held at the Clubhouse; however, due to the pandemic, likely this will be conducted via Zoom by The Ballot Box, who will provide their own call in information for everyone to access the Annual Meeting & Election. As soon as this information is available, it will be posted on the bulletin boards and on the website.

City of Dana Point-Short Term Rental Update

In an effort to continue to keep the membership up to date on the latest COVID-19 mandates, Short Term Rentals were discussed at the latest Dana Point city council meeting. A small excerpt from that discussion is as follows:

Hotels and short-term rentals may continue to operate if providing shelter to traveling medical workers, first responders, people displaced by COVID-19, or other similar instances, but they may not operate to accommodate vacation or leisure travel.

“I encourage residents to call our hotline,” City Manager Mike Killebrew said. The number to call is 435-STR-HELP (or 435-787-4357). People can also submit grievances with a complaint form online at City Attorney Patrick Muñoz added that violating these directives could result in misdemeanor penalties, as they are a violation of both the state order and municipal code.

We appreciate all of those who are strictly adhering to the mandates set forth by City and State and strongly encourage those not in compliance to do so immediately. The longer people take to get on board, the longer we will all remain in the current quarantine situation.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this notice.

Monarch Hills CERT Graduates

A message from Robin Main, Monarch Hills Homeowner, Social Committee Chair and extraordinary coordinator of the recently executed, 4 day CERT Training Program:

Please see the photos of a few of the Monarch Hills CERT graduates. There were 26 attendees, which included 17 residents from Monarch Hills, our neighbor Monarch Beach Resort, and a few other Dana Point local residents. The event was a HUGE success, so thank you to the Board for supporting such an important “lifesaving training, community event”, as well as, a Dana Point community building social event. The CERT Training can and will help save lives through the education and teaching received, showing us how to survive on our own in the event that a natural or man-made disaster strikes.

As previously mentioned, the City of Dana Point provided ALL the manpower, the training, the public relations, the tables and the training materials. Also provided by the City of Dana Point, was a dinner, two breakfasts and the graduate certificates. This event truly was a team effort and built a sense of community throughout the process.

The Mayor of Dana Point, Richard Viczorek, was in attendance for the graduation ceremony, where he gave a wonderful speech recognizing the Monarch Hills Condominium Association for hosting the first CERT training program in 3 years, and the first of 2020. As you can see, Richard recognized all CERT graduates on that day.

Be on the lookout for an article in the Dana Point Times.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you for the support.