In an effort to continue to keep the membership up to date on the latest COVID-19 mandates, Short Term Rentals were discussed at the latest Dana Point city council meeting. A small excerpt from that discussion is as follows:

Hotels and short-term rentals may continue to operate if providing shelter to traveling medical workers, first responders, people displaced by COVID-19, or other similar instances, but they may not operate to accommodate vacation or leisure travel.

“I encourage residents to call our hotline,” City Manager Mike Killebrew said. The number to call is 435-STR-HELP (or 435-787-4357). People can also submit grievances with a complaint form online at City Attorney Patrick Muñoz added that violating these directives could result in misdemeanor penalties, as they are a violation of both the state order and municipal code.

We appreciate all of those who are strictly adhering to the mandates set forth by City and State and strongly encourage those not in compliance to do so immediately. The longer people take to get on board, the longer we will all remain in the current quarantine situation.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this notice.

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